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Are you looking for a reliable commercial tile service? Our expertise is in ceramic and stone commercial flooring. We always ensure the highest quality products at affordable prices. Contact our flooring experts. We will tell on the best project materials that add value and commercial esthetic. Our efficiency and attention to detail always produce flawless results!

Understanding Ceramic and Stone Flooring

Commercial ceramic tiles are a popular addition. Because of their immaculate finish, simple maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Ceramic tiles consist of clay or a clay blend. They are baking within a kiln. These types of tiles are classifying as porcelain and non-porcelain. Porcelain is a durable material. It is moisture-resistant and provides a smooth, dense consistency. So it is ideal for high traffic areas. A non-porcelain ceramic tile consists of red and white clay. They are only installed for light foot traffic. The advantage of using a non-porcelain tile is its affordability. Natural stone tiles consist of rocky substrate found on earth. It is different and beautiful. It is the toughest of all tile materials and recognized for its unique appearance.

Choosing Ceramic or Stone Tiles. Which is Best for Your Business?

Both porcelain and stone tiles offer the best durability and exceptional quality. So they are the best choice for high traffic areas in commercial spaces. Ceramic and stone deliver a high-end finish. You can  buy in a range of colors and textures to complement a commercial space. Natural stones come in different colors, grades, and patterns and have a distinctive look. Thus, our customers prefer it. It is a dense tile, easily distinguished by its feel and its composition.

The Best Uses of Ceramic and Stone Commercial Tile

Both commercial and stone tiles are perfect in commercial environments. Examples of commercial spaces using ceramic and stone tiles include.