Tile Contractor Services

When it comes to renovating your bathroom or kitchen, you might immediately think of tiling floors and walls. A renovation that requires some knowledge and investment, but is well rewarding. The materials should be well selected considering the daily needs as well as the ease of maintenance and cleaning. If you love ceramic tiles you will be spoiled for choice between sizes, colors, and finishes. You will  know that porcelain tiles are a material that allows for many material effects. Tile & Stone Works is a tile contractor company serving the NJ and PA area since 2002.
We offer; 
  • Wood Effect Tiles,
  • Custom Hand Pained Tiles,
  • Decorative Ceramic Tiles,
  • Porcelain Tiles,
  • Limestone Tiles,
  • Stone Effect Tiles,
  • Edwardian Tiles,
  • Victorian tiling floors installation for:
Bathrooms, kitchens, interiors (fireplace, accent walls), exteriors (patios, decks, fountains). We follow tile industry standards and use quality tile materials.


Floors today are expanding their range. They evolve from a simple and practical solution for tiling floors to a precise compositional element an interior design.

Thanks to the use of tiles of different colors and surfaces, the walls become sets. Subsequent plates from colored backgrounds, which are mostly saturated and intense shades, are used to distinguish functions: the transition from one color to another can mark the end of one functional space and the beginning of another.

We transform your space into your dream with the perfect beauty of floor tiling patterns. With so many options to choose from and many ways to use them for the best advantage of your room, you’re in the right place to create a unique look.

Tile & Stone Works can help you remodel with tile or stone selection, tile layout, and design, independently or by working with an interior designer. We have the opportunity to work with you to create a tile assembly that you will enjoy for many years to come.


We use different types of products in our installations as tile and stone installers. Some of the materials we have used:

  • Consist of, granite and marble slabs,
  • mosaic tiles, glass tiles,
  • porcelain tiles,
  • stones tiles (travertine, marble, limestone tiles),
  • cement tiles,
  • stone veneers (El Dorado Stone),
  • stone effect tiles,
  • wood effect tiles,
  • Edwardian tiles,
  • Victorian tiles,
  • glass blocks (Pittsburgh Corning),
  • epoxy grouts, metal tile, bath tile, pool tile, stainless steel tiles,
  • the kitchen splashback, California tile,
  • Mexican tile,
  • Saltillo and hand painted tiles,
  • hand made tiles,
  • kitchen hand painted tiles,
  • decorative ceramic tiles,
  • custom hand painted tiles,
  • subway tiles,
  • numerous tile waterproofing and crack isolation membranes from Schluter to Custom Building Products.