Small Bathroom Renovation

Spacious bathrooms are easy to renovate without any restrictions. However, a small bathroom renovation completely is different. There are many functions and special solutions that need to be done in very small places. There are many functions and special solutions that need to be done in very small places.

Having a small bathroom do not mean giving up style and functionality. On the contrary, it is possible to create an elegant, practical and comfortable bathroom by combining materials, shapes, colors and accessories correctly.

What Are The Accessories That Will Best Fit A Small Bathroom?

Certainly, light and easy to move elements should be preferred. For colors, there are no such strict rules. Basically, they could all be fine, but you will have to pay attention to how best to pair them. For example, an interesting strategy is to use neutral tones in bathroom floors and walls, and to use more accented colors for accessories.

Here, what you need to renew and modernize your bathroom:


Change of plumbing fixtures and possible replacement of the water system. This option will be evaluated based on the state of the pipes.

Modern designer furniture

One of the first things you need to think about when you have a small bathroom is the size of the furniture. Sometimes it will not be easy to find the furniture that fits perfectly to your space. So, buying custom-made furniture will a good choice.  In this way, you will have unique furniture every available corner and centimeter can fit them well.

Sink and Cabinet

Small bathrooms have various types of sinks with reduced depth and width. A normal sink is about 45-50cm deep, smaller ones are less than 40cm deep. We recommend using a shallow sink only if you have a very narrow bathroom because small sinks save space, but there is a risk of water splashing on the floor.

Cabinet units offer valuable space for storing various objects, often they are the ideal solution.


You can use wall- mount toilet that make small bathrooms look brighter and feel light.

Shower or Bathtub

You can put a shower or a bathtub according to the space you have. If you prefer a shower, you may want to consider a floor-level shower tray. For the shower cabin, we recommend glass that allows light to pass through and has a modern and elegant look.

If you prefer a bathtub, you can think of small sizes.

How to light up a small bathroom?

Lighting is key, especially if it’s a small bathroom with no windows. It is recommended to use at least two light sources.

Other Accessories For A Small Bathroom

Choosing a large mirror and placing it in front of the sink will give you a sense of modernity and more will help you to greatly expand the space. Another modern element widely used in small bathrooms is a heated towel rail. With minimal lines, this small design object will warm the environment and add a contemporary touch to your bathroom.